Saturday, June 30, 2007

hic sunt leones 2

its finally out there: Hic Sunt Leones 2,
an anthology showcasing a variety of up-and-coming flemish comics artists & illustrators.190 pages of eye candy, featuring amongst others work of Brecht & Serge, two of my best comic buddies
good thing about it: it comes in both a flemish version and an english one.
I did a very nice six page story, starting with these two:

Published by Bries
Check the tiny preview
Some photos of the book presentation.
Press: stripspeciaalzaak, ForbiddenPlanet, 8weekly
Trivia: Mapmakers in ancient Rome used the indication "Hic sunt Leones et Dracones" (lions here & dragons) for marking unexplored territory.

Monday, June 25, 2007

salamander stuff

dog collab

drawing with the girls


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working on a new Slaapkoppen-chapter

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