Sunday, December 30, 2007

my dear friend Yves

my dear friend Yves, the worlds most sexy typography-expert and acclaimed & respected writer on letters and design took the time to pimp the f*** out of me & my work. Dont hesitate to read the rest of his blog, it is always educational, funny and well written. And if you really really want to make the world a better place, drop him a note urging him to start designing a font of his own (right now!), just like so many creative and intelligent and sensitive people, he is on a life long filibuster against what he was born to do. The filibustering having great value on its own we can not hold it against him, but still, he should get his feet wet.

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centurio said...

Dear dear friend,
Nice to you see that you finally made your dreams come true!
I am proud of you and of course of your work. I always new deep inside that you were a true artist with a big A! :)
I am not sure if I could leave you a message in a genuine way and not under "my dear friend Yves". I would love to see one day, for "my dear friend Gunther" who spent most of his (pleasant moments)childhood with me!
Thank you for the great times we used to have!